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Mont Blanc

Explore Mont Blanc's Majesty

Skyway Monte Bianco stands as a testament to remarkable Italian engineering, an extraordinary feat offering unparalleled access to Mont Blanc, the eighth wonder of the world. Traverse this technological marvel, embarking on a literal journey to the clouds and sky.

Three Stops:
Courmayeur (1,300 m / 4,200 feet): Begin your adventure at the starting point housing ticket offices, parking facilities, and a bar. Pavillon du Mont Fréty (2,200 m / 7,200 feet): The intermediate station boasts various attractions, including a high-altitude cellar, two restaurants, a conference room, and a special shopping area. Punta Helbronner (3,466 m / 11,300 feet): Gaze in awe at Mont Blanc and its peaks from a breathtaking terrace. Access Torino Refuge via a modern tunnel, a hub for mountaineering and off-piste routes like the Toula glacier, Marbrées glacier, and the 24 km (15 miles) Vallée Blanche route leading to Chamonix.

Tour du Mont Blanc:
Experience the renowned Tour du Mont Blanc, a world-famous trek showcasing the 'little Himalaya' of the Alps. Encircling Mont Blanc's 4,810 m peak and its majestic glaciers, this 170 km path offers extraordinary landscapes at altitudes ranging between 1,200 and 2,600 m. Accessible to all with a training requirement, it remains one of Europe's most spectacular and popular routes.

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