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Located in an area with different interest points, the Hotel Mentana is located near the business district of the Milan Stock Exchange and just a few minutes from the most fascinating shopping area of ​​Milan.
In the area you can also find plenty of antique shops and enjoy a pleasant walk along Corso Vittorio Emanuele and the Gallery.

Furthermore, it will be great to stray within the devious streets of the old city, the balconies , the courtyards of an insuperable beauty and harmony and follow the footsteps of "Ludovico il Moro" and Bramante.
It will be wonderful to walk around the old dabbled paving of Santa Maria Della Grazie and visit the Last Supper, the Ambrosian library and its Pinacoteca, via Lanzone and the favorite places of the Petrarch until Piazza Borromeo and the antique paths, the National Museum, the Archeological Museum, The Catholic University and Piazza Affari, all of which will keep you in the city and make you fall in love with each and every one of them.


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